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Newest Stuff

Defining Photography

I love taking photographs of just about anything... But what about after the picture has been taken? Is that all there is to photography? Read on for more...

I love Geese...

Don't ask me why, but they're just so cute to me. I find it funny when they bicker at each other, and stare in awe at their flight... Continue Reading...

Introducing KSROT

I just released the code for version 1 of KSROT, a new image rotator, that when compressed is 5K, and requires no other scripts (like jQuery or Prototype). Check it out here.

Snow Texture

While shooting recently I found this little gem hidden away in part of another image. I couldn't get over the colors - it looks like little snow crystals! Enjoy - this one is free (Under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License), and should tile nicely.